It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’d been working like a dog It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log But when I get home to you I find the things that you do Will make me feel alright You know I work all day to get you money… Read MoreRead More

I should have known better with a girl like you That I would love everything that you do And I do, hey, hey, hey, and I do Whoa, oh, I never realized what a kiss could be This could only happen to me Can’t you see, can’t you see That when I tell you that… Read More

If I fell in love with you Would you promise to be true And help me understand Cos I’ve been in love before And I found that love was more Than just holding hands If I give my heart to you I must be sure From the very start That you would love me more… Read More

Before this dance is through I think I’ll love you too I’m so happy when you dance with me I don’t want to kiss or hold your hand If it’s funny try and understand There is really nothing else I’d rather do Cos I’m happy just to dance with you I don’t need to hug… Read More

I give her all my love That’s all I do And if you saw my love You’d love her too I love her She gives me everything And tenderly The kiss my lover brings She brings to me And I love her A love like ours Could never die As long as I Have you… Read More

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me Well I gave you everything I had But you left me sitting on my own Did you have to treat me oh so bad All I do is hang my head and moan… Read More